Non-integrated Dwarf, 2008, installation, 7 objects, acrylic on cardboard

…Carefully drawn creatures on the two-dimensional cardboard cuttings, thought fully placed in the space, have built the depth of the view. Regardless of the scenographic staging, exciting interaction and constructing author's ideas has been commenced between the audience and zoo-biomorphic little men. It seems that Jovanovik would have liked to transcend the observation made by Winkelmann that a' modern artist lives in the desert' (however it might's sound utopian) in possible levels and spheres of integration (psychic, cultural, economic, social). Opposing the formula of Nietzsche about brutal elimination of handicapped species from the human kind, the author has proposed, by means of metaphor of a dwarf, his own altruist idea on the right of existence of every human being as such. Through innate sense of humor and subtile irony, Jovanovik has insisted, by use of the visual world of marginalized tales, to bring back the face of innocence, authenticity, and fundamental human values long forgotten…

Sonja Abadzieva

The installation “Non-integrated dwarf” reveals how the important things, nowedays, have lost their real meaning. The myths and the stories of our childhood are demystificed, they are no longer stories which teach us about the ethics and differences between the good and the bad.The innocence of these stories has been lost. So, what happens to the people who still believe in the stories from their childhood…?

Integration is the one of the most popular words in our society and is used regarding social, economic, and cultural issues. There are many situations when the political meaning of the term of integration is distant from the real integration into society we live.

The project “Non-integrated dwarf” looks for a reality of integration and explores wheter there is only one way to become integrated, regardless of the culture, the tradition,the nationality, the religion, the gender, the race…

Gjorgje Jovanovik