Up to now 130 phantoms have lived in today's Skopje . There have not been found any written evidence of their existence until the middle of the 20th century. According to the investigation carried out from 2002 to 2005, in the disastrous earthquake in 1963, 95 phantoms were killed, 21 settled on the surrounding hills, while 7 stayed in Skopje until 2007, when all of them disappear.

The texts, drawings and the events are described according to the testimony of the people who have seen them or have had direct contact with them.

This is an homage to the lost phantoms of the city.


Mizavir was the most notorious among the ghosts. Between 1971 and 1999 he used to steal the babies from this building. He was hiding in the basement of the prominent lawyer Atanas Tevcev, in the box where he kept the cases he lost in court, including some suspicious privatizations. Entering the baths in the flats gave him the greatest pleasure. There, he would wrap himself in toilet paper and retell stories from the rich treasure trove of the Macedonian erotic tales to the pets. During one such session he was bitten to death by two Pekinese dogs.