They All Wait for Me to Pay , video, 12' 40", 2013

They All Wait for Me to Pay is an attempt to connect the past and the present by using the format of singing and story telling. The voice of the past incorporated in the unique form of Iso-Polyphonic singing with the voice of the present expressed in the poetry of young poet Rubin Beqo, but also the voice of all the people willing to articulate their opinions and positions regarding the current conditions and problems of their everyday life. THEY ALL WAIT FOR ME TO PAY is an attempt to think about the current conditions and the recent past, the turbulent times of changing systems, the loss or lack of communication and understanding in the neoliberal context.

The project is developed in two stages. The first part is a collaboration of the Iso-Polyphonic* group Ansambli Polifonik Demir Zyko and the young poet Rubin Beqo. The second part takes shape as an event on the opening night of the exhibition PARTICIPATION – PARTICIPATORY PRACTICES AS ARTISTIC STRATEGY that will gather all the people who want to take the chance to express their social and political observations of the current condition in Albania by different forms of performances.

*Iso-Polyphonyc music is inspired by the archaic phenomenon of “crying” (“vajtim” in Albanian,) It is one of the most important strands of the musical and cultural heritage of Albania. It is about people who speak and sing at the same time, that is, an important and unique part of the oral history of Albania.