For Skopje, with love...

Gjorgje Jovanovik creates an participatory performance which puts the audience in a position of a commentator who speaks up and takes active part into the final realisation of the artwork. 

He is sharing his curiosity about the city with them, inviting them for and adventure to share their thoughts about the City: How do you experience living in this city? What do you think about Skopje's traffic? What do you think about  the look of the city? Do you think Skopje is too gray and poluted?... and all the things that Skopje revokes to those who walk by its streets. 

The audience notes its thoughts, questions and observations on the provided tables and stickers that symbolise their discontent / wish for change / symphaties for the city...  Further on they are asked to  spread them on the spot where these inspirations/ frustrations are coming from. In this case, the work goes out of the gallery space, spreads to the city streets and parks and continues it's life, thus creating a collective art work. These actions will be later on photo-documented by the author and placed on some of the digital public maps, thus remaining there as monuments of the actions. With this action the author opens up a space for activating the art audience by open commenting, while in the same time showing the citizen's curiosity and responsibility.