Sales-man of Male Tears

Differences do not exist only if we are aware of them, Differences do not exist if you are not aware of them.


When Clara Cetkin had suggested 8 th of March to be a symbol of the women struggle for equality, she couldn't contemplate that this “holiday” will turn into a festivity of male hypocritical intentions and female self-destructive involvement in that. As a surrogate for honesty and true attention and partnership, the male is dedicating only this day to the women (365-1=364). Using this “female holiday”, the males are satisfying their conches with flowers, gifts, expensive meals, and with this act they even more contribute towards female degradation. This festivity had become a strange ritual that is concept less.

In ancient times, to proof her dedication to her loved one that is in war, the women had collected her tears in miniature dishes- lacrimarium. They were taking these objects everywhere or keeping them on special place in the house, as a way to preserve the memory for the husband.

The male lacrimarium ( a 720 ml jar) that have over exaggerated dimension is telling the story about the pathetic and deviant celebration of 8 th of March. The male tears ( as rear as those of an unicorn), that we are selling to you, are a perfect copy, symbol of male (un) honesty in accepting fidelity, dedication, solidarity, respect, equality…

They are packed for selling, they are a proof for a global commercialization of the Women's Day and devaluation of the mythic value of the lacrimarium.

Warning: The brand and the packing are not always responding to products real value.

Instructions: This is a perfect gift for your wife – as a promise for better future. With buying just one product of Male tears, you are getting an excuse for all your sins that you had committed to the opposite gender this last year.

Gjorgje Jovanovik