With the rehabilitation of the artist Trajan Sekulovski-Svirakus, the flow of history of art in Macedonia will no longer be the same. Representations of his preserved works will bring a new dimension in the official history of modern and contemporary art in Macedonia.

Thanks to the commitment and initiative of the art group Svirachinja (The Orphaneus) , hopefully he will be credited for his art works and deserved place.

The members of The Orphaneus were among the few who got to know the truth about Svirakus, and his art work. The fact that he actually was the first artist in Macedonia , who began to make objects, collages, performances and experimental films, simultaneously with their appearance in Europe . His creative genius was quickly suffocated due to the small-town mentality. All attempts of his presentation were banned and characterized as unsuitable for society and the cultural environment. Rejected, unrecognized and forgotten, he spent much of his life hiding out, and tirelessly creating, far from the eyes of the general public.

Disappointment due to the fact that his works were not included in any exhibition or a in any art catalogue, at home or abroad, has made Svirakus destroy most of his works before the end of his life.

Thanks to the group The Orphaneus, who preserved a few of his works, now we have the opportunity to view and evaluate the work of this author.